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How can we use the skills we have to remove barriers for our community? That’s what we (Josh and Griffin) asked ourselves in 2018 when we noticed a need for accessibility experts in construction. We realized that within the built community lies a large gap that segregates disabled people and seniors, and that the available solutions to these barriers are not enough.


Once the switch was flipped, we couldn't unsee it. From noticing assisted living facilities that lacked accessibility for its residents, to friends and family members struggling to navigate their homes, we are aware of how spaces lack the adequate accessibility to make for an accessible and comfortable life.


This brought upon the formation of Shift Accessibility Contractors Ltd. whose mission and core values are built on developing more inclusive environments so that people of all abilities may live independently, seek opportunity, and be included.


With the focus solely on accessible and universal projects, Shift works directly with occupational therapists, homeowners, architects, and businesses. We understand the difference a project like this can make in one's life and therefore undertake anything from grab bar installations to full home remodelling in order to make a space best fit for you.

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