We take great care in making your space the most fitting and accessible for the current and future you. Don't believe us? Check out a few of our projects below along with our clients' testimonials! 

Strathmore Remodel

Airdrie Elevator

Chaparral Bathroom

Sundance Elevator

Hawkwood Bathroom

"I bought a condo in Calgary that I needed to have modified so that I could live in it using a wheelchair. I chose to work with Shift because I liked their collaborative approach - they had lots of ideas and wanted to know mine. This was the third home I'd had modified so I knew what worked and what I needed, and Shift listened. They had good experience behind them and came highly recommended, and this was important to me too.

The contract with them outlined a very clear budget and timeline. They came in on budget and on time. They helped me all along the way choose materials, with design and with resources to find flooring, tiles, countertop, lighting and plumbing. Most of the kitchen was remodelled to build in functional workspaces such as a lower sink, prep surfaces and a new lowered cooktop to replace the oven. The bathroom was expanded in size and a beautiful and completely functional roll-in shower was installed. When I moved in, everything worked perfectly and there were no surprises, other than a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my table. :-)

Josh and Griffin were just awesome to work with and I can't recommend them enough."

Bowness Remodel

"Josh and Griffin were everything that many contractors are not! Professional, on time, superior customer service and a quality product at a reasonable cost. They were patient and accommodating and were able to provide a beautiful, fully accessible bathroom for our son who was so happy with its function. It took some of the challenge out of his daily routine. We will definitely be using them again!"

Evercreek Bathroom