October 5, 2023

Jaydon's Renovation - ARK Society Project

Griffin Simony

Shift is always on the look out for like-minded professionals, organizations and companies to collaborate with in advocating and acting for the change of accessibility standards in homes and businesses. When we first started, Accessible Renovations for Kids (ARK) was a non-profit which immediately stood out to us. The organization aims to provide accessible renovations for families with children with disabilities at no cost to the family. The goal being that 50% of costs are covered with funds donated, and the remaining 50% being donated time and materials. After planning and working alongside ARK we were given the honour of being selected as the construction managers for this project donating our time and expertise.

The project was for Jaydon, a 5-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy. Jaydon is a bubbly, joyful, energetic and all around awesome young man who is the definition of the ideal client. From helping with materials and supervising the crews, his contributions, attitude and contagious positivity really helped bring this project together!

The project involved the development of the unfinished basement to accommodate a fully accessible bathroom that Jaydon can grow up using without barriers. We hope you enjoy the photos of this project as much as we enjoyed delivering it.

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