January 28, 2020

A look back at 2019

Griffin Simony

Shift Accessibility is in the business of providing people with the independence and ability they deserve when moving through and interacting with the built environment. Coming around the corner into a new year we want to reflect on some of our greatest experiences within the senior and disability communities. Our effort to enact change and be leading members in the development of a more accessible Calgary found us partaking in numerous incredible event such as:

The MS Bike Tour

The 160 Kilometers cycled was well worth it to raise money and awareness for the MS Society. Shift Accessibility has pledged to enter a team in 2020 and plan to exceed our 2019 fundraising and participation goals!

ForAbility Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Rocky Mountain Adaptive

We had the pleasure to play alongside Karen Ryan of Ryan Murphy Construction and Samantha Proulx of ABE Factors. Simulations always have a way of putting abilities into perspective, and experiencing them on the golf course took this to another level. Rocky Mountain adaptive provides a multitude of programs and activities than everyone should take advantage of. A fantastic fundraiser and day in Canmore!

BOC Summit Accessibility Panel

Calgary Construction Association

Sitting next to the City of Calgary, ABE Factors and Level Playing Field we discussed accessibility and its role in the improvement and development of Calgary. Speaking to the cities top builders, owners and consultants was an honour. We are excited to continue with presentations and talks around accessibility.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

City of Calgary

We were approached by the City of Calgary to provide three ramps for the International Persons with Disabilities Event at City Hall. With hard work and some great volunteers we got them done. The project was to provide three individual ramps, with a 1:12, 1:16 and 1:20 slope to be experienced by the public. After the event it was clear this interactive display opened peoples eyes to the challenges that a seemingly minimal increase in the slope could present. We instilled the power of experience and know that people went home viewing this common accessibility solution differently.

With these past events we cannot wait to see what 2020 brings, with big plans and partnerships with some great organizations our involvement in the community will only continue to grow and with it the development of accessibility within Calgary and Alberta.

Happy 2020 and more exciting updates to come!


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