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Friendly Conversation


When planning to increase the accessibility of your home, having an understanding of the initial scope of work and project costs can be difficult. Shift provides consulting services to identify all the modifications and/or renovations needed for your space, along with projected project costs. Our options can range from a visit by a Shift Accessibility Expert to a joint review of your home with an occupational therapist, and even up to team collaboration with one of our design partners included. This allows you to look ahead and understand what you require to remain safe and happy in your home.


Initial Meeting

Our accessibility experts will visit you in-home, along with a licensed Occupational Therapist to meet and discuss everything from your current needs, your future needs, your vision for the modifications or renovation and your goals for the space. This meeting allows us to get to know both you and the home, we can then take this information and provide you with the optimal solutions and designs.

Accessibility Report Development

Your accessibility report will include a document outlining the proposed solutions, a budget costing for each solution and a conceptual design, where required. 




Once we have completed the proposal and supporting documents, we then schedule a time to sit with you and discuss each item in detail. Reports can be onerous when left to be read on your own, we like to sit and ensure that you understand exactly what you are getting and the purpose of each proposed solution.

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