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Fostering a sense of inclusion within a commercial space provides a priceless value added to your business. Whether your business goals are to increase clientele, employee diversity, or simply provide a more inclusive environment, Shift can help you identify and implement the changes you need. This process can be broken down into four steps:


Standard Quote

We provide a free quote based on your prepared scope of work and plans.


Design Quote

Looking to have accessibility a priority on your project? We can provide assessment or consulting services during the design phase as well as producing a detailed estimate following completion. This quote includes a business assessment, a design consultation and a detailed estimate.


This is where we develop the plan that best fits your accessibility project. From scheduling to planning out logistics, this is the phase where we hash out the details. Our team can assist with the procurement of permits, any funding approvals, and other paperwork needed to get the job started.




Your business is important to you and we want to make sure we treat it as we would our own. Throughout the construction process, we maintain open communication to ensure that you understand what is happening on a weekly basis. As we continue through your project, if ever an issue arises, or clarification is needed, we work with you to sort it out and move forward. We always rather ask permission than for forgiveness!


Hand Over

Once we’ve completed your project, we complete joint walkthroughs of the space and ensure your satisfaction. For large projects, we develop an Operation and Maintenance Manual for you to keep all that valuable information in one place! Following the hand-over, we are always just a call away, and value the relationship we have formed with you. So, if you have an issue to discuss, or just want to meet for a coffee, we’ll be there!