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Fashionable Functionality

To those of you who joined thank you and to those who didn't, worry not! On July 22nd we had the pleasure of participating in a webinar hosted by the Accessible Renovations for Kids, joined with me was Catharine Eckersley of Valley to Peak OT and Amanda Roth, the mother of Jaydon who we completed a bathroom renovation for alongside ARK.

As some were unable to make the presentation, we've provided it in PDF form for your viewing pleasure. Along with some key points we made which may not be found on the slides!

Fashionable Functionality

The purpose of this presentation was to provide families with an overview of how accessibility within the home does not need to mean sacrificing aesthetics and Fashionability of the space.

Fashionable Functionality Presentation
Download P • 10.45MB


Key points made:

  • Accessible doesn't mean institutionalized! Often we go into homes and businesses where people are nervous about the aesthetic of accessibility, we always ensure the owner that these modifications are similar to any project! If skilled trades are used, and extra care put in, everything will look fantastic (just check out projects!)

  • Resale is not a worry! When making modifications to home, any owner is worried about how this may impact resale of the property. What's important to always remember is that if YOU are having these modifications done, there are other who need them too! Too many times we have heard of people with disabilities visiting (or trying to) dozens of homes before finding one that kind-of works.

  • What options are there to integrate accessible features? Accessibility is a growing industry and will continue to be with constant innovation and new products. From awesome drop down shelving to grab bars which belong at Nordic Spa, there are tons of options to spruce up your space. Just see below a few examples!

So what are the next steps? If you've read through the slideshow and something has peaked your interest, feel free to give us a call. Even if you're looking for more information on any of the items discussed, or just want to chat accessibility, we're always happy to chat!

Until the next one!

Shift Accessibility Contractors Ltd.

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