Home Construction

Home Construction

When you invest in a home you want to ensure it is one that will last you a lifetime. Shift works to provide you with that home. Building your own home provides you with the freedom to ensure that you are equipped with the ability to fit your current and future needs. With Shift we can manage design and construction of a the home you can build and keep all your memories in.

We value working  with...

  • Homeowners

  • Industry Professionals

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Interior Designers

  • Architects

The value of working with us is...

Our team at Shift has worked to develop relationships with top architects and interior designers within the accessible and aging-in-place industry. Our team of Managers and Occupational Therapists have devoted their profession to understanding that every individual and couples needs are unique and we work to build a home around these. While we look at your current accessibility needs, we recognize that these will change with time. Consulting industry professionals we shape a home that will fit your life for all foreseeable circumstances, to remove any future surprises that result in a need to leave the home you plan to live in forever.

How we approach projects...

Design: Shift's team allows for diverse approaches to home construction. Our relationships within the industry allow us to manage the design team. This results in the home being designed by accessible design professionals and provides you with the flexibility to have a part in your dream homes construction.

Construction: Shift's goal is also to have this contract lead into a general contracting contract where as accessibility construction professionals, we would see through the entire construction of your home all the way to hand-over. Our understanding of your lifetime home motivates us to ensure that every detail is looked after and no changes are made without the owners knowledge and consent. We believe in providing a home you love to come to for the rest of your life.

If an accessible or age-in-place home build is your planned future please don't hesitate to contact us and set up a meeting.

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