Business Renovations

Business Renovations

Accessibility within business and commercial spaces can limit many individuals' lives. Whether your goal is to increase clientele or provide a more inclusive service, Shift implements design changes to achieve a more accessible environment. Through new-build construction, tenant fit-outs or general renovations, Shift can shape your business into an inclusive and barrier-free space for all clients, employees and customers.

Shift works to make the world more accessible for all, taking any project to improve your business including...

  • Automatic doors / Door widening.

  • Full tenant fit-out / Leasehold improvements.

  • Accessible washroom modifications.

  • Wheelchair ramps.

Work with us to...

  • Shape an inclusive business to be enjoyed by all.

  • Increase your available clientele.

  • Market your business as an accessible space.

  • Improve business social optics

How we approach projects...

Shift Accessibility Contractors Ltd works hard to ensure your business can achieve the level of accessibility you require. We will work with you and your business to fit your schedule and reduce impact to their business as much as possible.

Shift has a number of methods for assessing your space to determine accessibility issues within your business. Through consultation with Interior Designers, Architects and Occupational Therapists we can then modify the space to increase accessibility and overall appearance.

If a redesign is not what your business is looking for, we can also perform assessments and provide the small changes that make a world of difference in many peoples lives. Incorporating accessible modifications into your business will not only increase your client base, but actively advertise yourself as an inclusive and diverse business.

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